Will Having Braces Affect My Speech?

YOU ALREADY KNOW THE MANY BENEFITS of straighter teeth—from better oral hygiene to making an amazing first impression in a job interview! Some perks may not have even occurred to you yet.

Another Surprising Benefit Of Orthodontic Treatment

Have you ever considered that orthodontic treatment can help you overcome speech impediments caused by misalignment? We can test a patient’s pronunciation by asking them to say “fifty-five, sixty-six”. Try it!

Wide spaces between your teeth can cause lisping, and some bites can prevent proper lip closure, both of which can cause other disruptions to speech.

What About While I’m Wearing Braces?

Most patients don’t notice a big difference in their speech once they’re wearing braces. Other patients can be frustrated and need to re-learn a few speech habits.

But consider this:

  • As your teeth align, you’ll speak better thanks to closed gaps and good occlusion.
  • Like anything else, braces require a bit of an adjustment period. Most of our patients tell us that it only takes a week or two to get back to normal speech.

If you’re struggling with your speech, watch the helpful video below!

Tips For Getting Back To Normal Quicker

Three things to remember:

  1. Sensitivity on your cheek, lips, and tongue can make it harder; use wax generously.
  2. You can practice your speech by reading books aloud, or by singing to yourself.
  3. Be patient! You’ll adjust!

Some diction coaches have their students hold marbles in their mouth and talk around them. Braces are somewhat like a mini-version of that… Practice, and you can get the world-class diction of a famous speaker in no time.

How Long Did It Take YOU To Feel Back To Normal?

Did you have trouble with pronunciation when you first started your orthodontic treatment? How long did it take you to get back to talking normally? Do you have tips for our other patients still working it out? Share below!

Thanks for your trust in our orthodontic practice. We’re so glad to be taking this journey with you!