What Did YOU Drive In High School? Here’s What WE Drove!

IT’S BEEN SAID that you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive. Hmmm… Maybe, maybe not. But regardless, we’re more interested to learn what kind of car YOU drove in high school!

We Asked Our Team The Same Questions We’re Asking YOU!

  1. What kind of car did you drive in high school? Was is sweet or beat?
  2. Do you have an awesome/embarrassing story to tell about the car?

Here Are Our Team’s Answers:

Dr Feldman:

  1. Yellow Honda CRX.
  2. It was SWEET. I paid for it with money I made mowing lawns. It had 2 seats, a hatchback, and it was stick shift. My most vivid memory was squeezing 4 people into the hatchback to turn that 2 seater into a 6 person ‘mini’ van.


  1. Maroon Buick Somerset.
  2. It was BEAT. It started as my dad’s car then my older brother had it in college. By the time I got my license it had rain damage on the interior, it had been broken into, and there were moldy french fries inside.


  1. ’98 Chevy Prizm.
  2. SWEET. I was one of the first of my friends with a car. It fit 4 people but somehow we squeezed 7 or 8 with a couple in the trunk. It was used, had a lot of mileage and maintenance to be done but it NEVER broke down on me.


  1. Maroon Plymouth Horizon 4-Door.
  2. It was both SWEET and BEAT depending on the day. Sometimes it ran, sometimes it didn’t. The A/C and radio took turns working – never at the same time. The first time I tried to put gas in it I pulled up to the pump on the wrong side. When I tried to back up I backed into the cement pole that protects the pump.


  1. 1966 Mercury Comet 4 Door.
  2. Kind of BEAT. My dad said it was no ‘Screamin’ Demon’ and it’s no ‘Dragon Wagon’ but it would get me from point A to point B with no problems. I was too embarrassed to park in the school lot so I parked it across the street. My favorite memory of that car was when I was driving to my first job and the valve went out between the engine and the transmission. Although you couldn’t see smoke while I was moving, I sat at every stop light in a cloud of smoke.

Jay Leno’s First Car

What Kind Of Car Did YOU Drive?

We’ve owned up to what we drove in high school—some reluctantly—now it’s your turn! Share your answers to the two questions above in the comment section below. And share this post with your friends! The more the merrier!

Thanks for being a part of our practice’s story!