What Can Surprise + Carefree Orthodontics And Invisalign™ Do For Me In 3 Months?

Invisalign™ is a phenomenal tool for orthodontic treatment. As a Premier Preferred Invisalign™ provider, I use Invisalign™ daily as my preferred method of treatment for a wide variety of Malocclusions (“bad bites.”)

Invisalign™, basically, has 4 different products they offer to their doctor providers. Each one provides a different level of service and, correspondingly, a different price.

As you may know, patients generally wear each aligner for 2 weeks. So, 5 aligners would take 10 weeks to complete the active treatment time. Active treatment time in my office requires 20 hours of wear per day. This is different from using Invisalign™ as a retainer. Retainers in my office are worn when we love the way the teeth look and we want to train the teeth to stay in their new positions. Retainer wear is during sleeping time only – approximately 6-8 hours daily.

I recently completed treatment on this young lady with Invisalign 5. Invisalign 5 is limited to 5 aligners and very mild corrections. But, many prospective patients ask, “What can we accomplish in just 5 aligners?” I think this case shows significant changes in her smile. I was able to close the space between her front teeth as well as improve and detail all of her front teeth.

The first photo shows her teeth before Invisalign and the second photo shows her teeth after only 3 months of treatment. She loved the changes she had during treatment and now she wears retainers every night.

As an orthodontist, I feel it is my obligation to explain to patients the best way to improve their teeth and their bite. In this case, Invisalign was the best tool to precisely move her teeth to the ideal position. I do not feel that braces for this patient would have been as quick, accurate, or comfortable. Using braces I could have achieved a similar result but it would have taken longer, it would have been more uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t have had the computer precision that Invisalign offers.

I always look forward to working with each patient to determine the best way to achieve their perfect smile.