SCAN-tastic! Do You Hate ‘Impressions’ At The Dentist? – We’ve Got The Solution

For many patients, the thought of an impression at the dentist or orthodontist office is sheer torture. The feeling of the cool impression goo on your teeth, gums, and palate can be very uncomfortable.

Until recently, impressions were the most accurate way to create a replica of your teeth. Orthodontists use models of your teeth for many important parts of your treatment including – making study models, placing braces, making retainers, making mouthguards, and making whitening trays.

Often times, an orthodontic patient could have up to 5 or more impressions taken in an average treatment.

Our office has eliminated the impression portion of your treatment for most orthodontic procedures!

We recently purchased the latest iTero intraoral scanner. This is a full color, 3D scanner that can make an accurate scan of your teeth in about the same time it takes to get a traditional impression.

We are using the accuracy of a 3D scanner for Invisalign, study models, SureSmile, and for making certain appliances like retainers.

For the doctor, the scan allows us to look at your teeth and your bite in ways that were previously impossible. On a large computer monitor, teeth can be magnified, turned, rotated, and sliced to better visualize orthodontic and dental issues. Better visualization leads to better treatment outcomes and better communication between the patient, the lab, and the orthodontist.

Our staff has completed training on the scanner and we are using it daily. Patients are telling us that it is far more comfortable than impressions. They also love the fact that they can see their teeth immediately. Our staff loves using the 3D models as a communication tool to visually show people different parts of their teeth and bite.

We look forward to showing you the benefits of the scanner and the comfort and convenience it brings to patients in our office.