Removing The Fear Of Showing Your Teeth When You Smile

SHOWING YOUR TEETH WHEN YOU SMILE makes a huge difference in your confidence and appearance. Beautiful teeth make us all feel more approachable, better prepared, accepting of others, younger, and more attractive. Studies even show that 70% of people believe that a beautiful smile can make someone more attractive than does wearing makeup!

As We Age, Our Smiles Lose Their Luster

It’s an unavoidable part of life. As we get older, our teeth become worn, yellow, and misaligned. Late jaw growth (and forgetting to wear our retainers) can make teeth become crooked, even after having had braces as a kid.

Turning To Orthodontic Treatment

People today turn to orthodontics for a smile upgrade. Braces aren’t just for teens anymore! Modern developments allow for more comfort, convenience, faster treatment time, and more aesthetic options.

Removing The Fear Isn’t As Difficult As You May Think

We want you to show your beautiful teeth when you smile! Small improvements can make a big difference. Let’s visit soon about your particular concerns. We’re here to help!

Straightening Is Good For Your Smile

Straightening your smile not only improves your appearance, but also your health! A more aligned bite can prevent or correct jaw problems down the road, like clenching and grinding your teeth at night, or headaches stemming from a misaligned bite. In addition, straight teeth allow your teeth to wear evenly, which keeps them healthier for longer. Crowded teeth can also cause problems with personal oral hygiene, making it harder to clean between teeth and to the gum line. After a while, this can contribute to gum disease and tooth loss!

Give Us A Call For A Consultation

It’s never too late for a beautiful smile! Call us today if you have questions about how you can improve your smile through orthodontic treatment. And if you know anyone who could benefit from this message, pass it along!

Thanks for being wonderful patients!

Top image by Flickr user Thirteen Of Clubs used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.