Poking Wire? Here Are Some Pointers

WE UNDERSTAND THAT METAL in your mouth isn’t always convenient. Fortunately, after the initial adjustment, most of us don’t even notice the braces are there. Unless of course, the braces do something sneaky… Like poke your mouth with a rogue wire!

A loose, pokey wire is probably the most common problem that orthodontic patients come across. So if you ever find yourself in that position, here’s a game plan:

First, See If You Can Push It Back Into Place

Sometimes a wire pulls loose a little, but it’s not completely out of the bracket. You can just use a finger to push it back into place. Other times, you can guide the wire back into the tube.

When In Doubt, Wax It!

We gave you the dental wax for a reason. That, or a little bit of cotton, should be able to blunt the wire comfortably until you can come in and get it fixed professionally.

Bend The Wire To Guard Against The Pointy End

Usually, you can curve the wire into a position where it’s resting against your gums or teeth, and the pointy end isn’t running loose and wild.

Use tweezers (very carefully), or use the eraser-end of a pencil to nudge the wire to where you want it. If this method isn’t working out for you, or it’s putting pressure on other parts of your braces, give us a call.

Usually These Fixes Are Quick

Usually we can fix uncomfortable problems really quickly in our office. We make time in our schedule for fix-up appointments. Just call and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Thanks for being our valued patient and friend!