Pierre Fauchard’s Connection To Orthodontic Treatment

WE REALIZE THAT HISTORY LESSONS are not typically found here on our blog! However (regardless of the subject), many of our modern-day comforts are the fruits of other people’s labors… And that holds true for orthodontic treatment. Pierre Fauchard is one of the historical figures we have to thank.

Pierre was a pioneer in creating full descriptions of teeth anatomy. Some of his work set standards that still apply today—both in dentistry and orthodontics. Great orthodontic care, dental health, and whole body health always go hand in hand.

Three Interesting Facts About The Father Of Modern Dentistry

1. Back Then, Teeth Were Extracted By Barbers

In those days, practicing dentistry required no specific education. Many times the local barber took care of teeth too. At age 15 Pierre became interested in mouth diseases when he began surgical training in the French navy and spent many months at sea with the sailors. Later he worked in the university city of Angers in western France where he began perfecting his art and was referred to by local physicians and surgeons.

2. Pierre’s Landmark Book Set Many Standards Still Expected Today


After making his manuscript available for peer reviews for five years, Pierre published his book Le Chirugien Dentiste ou Traité des Dents in 1746. The book was unlike anything that had been written before, and included:
– full descriptions of teeth anatomy
– classification of over 100 dental diseases
– details about dental operations and instruments
– case studies and illustrations

3. Treating Patients In A Chair, Rather Than On The Floor

As you know, here in our orthodontic practice, we do everything we can to assure your comfort. Pierre was also focused on patient comfort. In fact, he was known for treating patients with a dignity that was uncommon during that time. He reportedly was one of the first to provide a comfortable horsehair easy chair that patients could sit in during treatment, rather than sitting or laying on the floor.

Pierre Fauchard considered teeth important for both health and speech, in addition to appearance. Had he been able to see into the future, he would likely have been fascinated by the modern orthodontic treatment we provide today and the ways in which it benefits our patients.

Interested In More Dental History?

Have you ever visited the U.S. National Museum Of Dentistry in Baltimore?


We want to express thanks to TWO people today—Pierre Fauchard and YOU! To Pierre for helping make modern orthodontics what it is today. And to you, for being our valued patient and friend. Always let us know if there’s ever anything that we can do to make your orthodontic treatment more comfortable. Have a great week!