Hygiene Tips For Patients Wearing Braces In Surprise & Carefree, AZ

While your Surprise & Carefree, AZ orthodontist may tell you to take care of your teeth carefully because of your braces, you may not always be committing their instructions to memory. However, if your plan is to keep your teeth as healthy as possible during the time you have your braces on; you should follow some basic hygiene tips every day. To help you remember, print out this page and tape it to your bathroom mirror. That way you can make these tips routine.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean with Braces

  • It is definitely harder to keep your teeth clean when you are wearing braces. Food can get caught in braces easily, and the braces make it hard to reach all areas of your teeth when you are brushing. Spend at least 2 minutes brushing your teeth after each meal to keep them clean. You can set a timer before you brush to keep track of the time.
  • Use a special toothbrush made for cleaning around braces which you can get from your Surprise & Carefree, AZ orthodontist. They can show you how to maneuver around the wires without causing any damage.
  • Use an anti-cavity mouthwash to get into those spaces that your brush can't reach to help prevent cavities. Contact your orthodontist in Surprise & Carefree, AZ if you have irritation that is unexpected.
  • Floss carefully to get between teeth, but don't pull too hard on your braces, because you don't want to put too much stress on wires.

Eating Healthy Foods

Just like when you don't have braces, healthy food choices will also prevent tooth decay. Sticky, gummy foods will become lodged between braces and teeth and can cause cavities, and they may also damage brackets or wires. If you do have a broken bracket or wire, cover it with wax and let your Surprise, Arizona orthodontics office know as soon as possible.

Ask for Help

When visiting your orthodontist in Surprise, ask for help reaching any places that are difficult to clean. They will be happy to demonstrate the best way to maintain dental hygiene.

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