Early Evaluations Help Ensure Optimal Orthodontic Outcomes

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT A “TYPICAL” ORTHODONTIC PATIENT you may automatically think of a teenager! But the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your children get an early evaluation checkup with an orthodontist long before entering middle school.

At About Age 7, Conditions Are Perfect

Usually, when a child is about seven years old, enough permanent teeth and soft tissue have developed for us to determine how your child’s teeth will eventually grow and fit together—but the mouth’s structure is still flexible enough for us to help guide that growth.

What Is Early Intervention Orthodontics?

During our initial visit, we’ll evaluate…

  • whether or not your child may need correction for an open bite
  • if teeth are growing in misaligned, and what might be done to help
  • whether or not there is need for palate expansion treatment
  • and, other things that may help prevent more extensive treatment down the road

In some cases, tackling issues early can mean less invasive treatments later. Just as an example, sometimes during the treatment of teens and adults extractions may be necessary… But early on, that same issue may have been resolved with a palatial expander. This early care may help preserve the natural structure of your child’s mouth and allow us to more easily achieve the very best, healthiest orthodontic results.

Trust Us To Plan Treatment From The Beginning

We study smiles all day! We know how to recognize malocclusion in all its forms and we can plan treatment accordingly. We’re experienced in seeing things that other professionals may not see.

Give Your Child The Advantages Of A Fantastic Smile

When you invest in your child’s smile, you invest in their future. A smile opens up opportunities in their personal life, in their career prospects, and in their personal confidence.

Has It Really Been Over Five Years?

Remember the famous viral video, “David After Dentist?” It has been over five years since that video went viral! If you haven’t seen it for a while, it may be worth watching again. By the way, David is seven years old in the video… Another reminder for you to set up an appointment with us to visit with your seven-year-old son, daughter, or sibling!

Thanks for the trust you place in us. We appreciate having you as our valued patient!