Don’t Let Your Insurance Benefits Go To Waste!

THE END OF THE YEAR is approaching fast! Before year’s end, our team wants to remind you to take a look at your dental insurance benefits!

Flexible Spending/ HSA Accounts Typically Don’t Roll Over To Next Year

Since those benefits don’t typically roll over into the following year, you’ll want to contact us now to get your appointment scheduled!

We all know how it is once the holiday season is upon us—hectic! Life can get really busy. So remember that your smile is incredibly important—not just for the sake of your teeth, but for your overall health. If you’re due (or overdue) for an appointment, make sure to call us. Take advantage of those dental insurance benefits before time is up!

No Impressions For All Invisalign Treatments

Our office is now offering 3D Scanning – this means NO IMPRESSIONS for all Invisalign treatment. We utilize 3D scanning by iTero to create a digital model of your teeth. It’s all done in our office in as short as 20 minutes. This increases accuracy and shortens the time it takes to create your Invisalign Aligners. Invisalign treatment can begin in as little as 2 weeks!

Thanks for being our valued patient!